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Virginia Beach Summer School

The school division's 2023 Summer School programming will offer opportunities for elementary, middle and high school levels.

Our School


First Principal: Jefferson Davis

Interesting Fact: The original school was a one-room building located just east of the present location of the building.

The area where Woodstock Elementary is located was once known as Herbert’s Station. Members of the Herbert family, who were Confederate Army officers during the Civil War, controlled ownership of the land until the family of Mr. Harry Davis bought part of the property.

The school opened in September of 1957, housing grades one through eight in 20 classrooms. Mr. Jefferson Davis was the school's first principal. In 1959, Norfolk annexed a part of Princess Anne County served by Woodstock School. This caused a decrease in student enrollment; however rapid growth in the area created overcrowded conditions in all grades.

Ten new classrooms were added in September 1962. In 1965, the school housed grades one through seven. In September 1966, the school lost grades six and seven to Kemps Landing Intermediate School.

A ground breaking ceremony was held on July 2, 2001 to begin construction of a new school and the building was dedicated on November 20, 2002.